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Download Microsoft Office Volume License Pack from Official Microsoft Download Center.http://replace.me

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Change microsoft office 2013 retail to volume license free download

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Change microsoft office 2013 retail to volume license free download.CONVERT OFFICE 2013 RETAIL TO VOLUME LICENSE


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Download Microsoft Office Volume License Pack from Official Microsoft Download Center.Download Microsoft Office Volume License Pack from Official Microsoft Download Center


To learn more about CEIP, see microsoft. Online Features and Content. Features in the software can retrieve online content from Microsoft and provide it to you.

Certain features may also permit you to search for and access information online. Examples of these features include clip art, templates, online training, online assistance and help, and Outlook Weather on the Calendar.

If you save a template provided by Office. This information is used to provide you with content you request and to improve our services. You may choose not to use these online features and content. See the Office Privacy Statement linked at the end of this agreement for more information. If you choose to use online features in the software, such as online assistance and help, and templates, cookies may be set.

To learn how to block, control and delete cookies, please read the cookies section of the Office Privacy Statement linked at the end of this agreement. Office on Windows 8. This allows you to store and access online files in OneDrive and enjoy the Office Roaming Service without being asked to reenter your Microsoft account username and password.

For more information about signing into the software with a Microsoft account and the Office Roaming Service, see the Office Privacy Statement linked at the end of this agreement.

Digital Certificates. The software uses digital certificates. These digital certificates confirm the identity of Internet users sending X. They also can be used to digitally sign files and macros to verify the integrity and origin of the file contents. The software retrieves certificates and updates certificate revocation lists using the Internet, when available. Automatic Update. Software with Click-to-Run technology may periodically check with Microsoft for updates and supplements to the software.

If found, these updates and supplements might be automatically downloaded and installed on your licensed computer. Use of Information. Microsoft may use the computer information, error reports, and malware reports to improve our software and services. We may also share it with others, such as hardware and software vendors.

They may use the information to improve how their products run with Microsoft software. Misuse of Internet-Based Services. You may not use the services to try to gain unauthorized access to any service, data, account or network by any means. Information Rights Management. The software contains a feature that allows you to create content that cannot be printed, copied or sent to others without your permission. You may need to connect to Microsoft to use this feature for the first time, and you may need to reconnect to Microsoft periodically to update this feature.

For more information, go to o You may choose not to use this feature. Office Roaming Service. If you choose to sign into the software with your Microsoft account, you turn on the Office Roaming Service. Turning on the Office Roaming Service sends certain settings including your list of Most Recently Used Documents, your custom dictionary, and your visual themes online to Microsoft servers, where they are stored and downloaded to your computer the next time you sign into the service with your Microsoft account.

For more information about the Office Roaming Service, see the Office Privacy Statement linked at the end of this agreement.

Proof of License. Genuine proof of license. If you acquired the software in a physical package, your proof of license is the genuine Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity label with the accompanying genuine product key, and your proof of purchase.

If you acquired and downloaded the software online, your proof of license is the genuine Microsoft product key or PIN for the software that you received with your purchase, and your proof of purchase from an authorized electronic supplier of genuine Microsoft software. Upgrade or Conversion License. If you upgrade or convert the software, your proof of license is. Some versions of the software, like Not for Resale and Academic or University Edition software, are distributed for limited purposes.

If you want to find out more about academic software, or you want to find out if you are a Qualified Educational User, visit microsoft.

Academic or University software may not be used for commercial, non-profit, or revenue-generating activities. If you live in Japan or acquired the software while you lived in Japan, we grant you the following rights under our licenses:. Editions other than PIPC. You may install and run one copy of the software on one licensed computer the first licensed computer , but only if you comply with all the terms of this agreement.

Provided that you comply with all the terms of this agreement, you may install another copy of the software on a second licensed computer for use by the primary user of the first licensed computer. You may make a single copy of the software for backup purposes, and use that backup copy as described below. You may transfer the software to another computer that belongs to you.

You may also transfer the software together with the license to a computer owned by someone else if a you are the first licensed user of the software and b the new user agrees to the terms of this agreement. To make that transfer, you must transfer the original media, the Certificate of Authenticity, the product key and the proof of purchase directly to that other person, without retaining any copies of the software.

You may use the backup copy we allow you to make or the media that the software came on to transfer the software. Anytime you transfer the software to a new computer, you must remove the software from the prior computer. You may not transfer the software to share licenses between computers.

The non-commercial use restrictions for Academic, University or Home and Student Edition software do not apply to you if you live in Japan or acquired the software while you lived in Japan. Federal statutes and regulations. The Military Appreciation edition software is not licensed for use in any commercial, non-profit, or revenue-generating activities. The Canadian Forces edition software is not licensed for use in any commercial, non-profit, or revenue-generating activities.

Third Party Programs. The software may include third party programs that Microsoft, not the third party, licenses to you under this agreement. Notices, if any, for the third party program are included for your information only.

Font Components. While the software is running, you may use its fonts to display and print content. You may temporarily download the fonts to a printer or other output device to print content, and you may embed fonts in content only as permitted by the embedding restrictions in the fonts. Media Elements. Microsoft grants you a license to copy, distribute, perform and display media elements images, clip art, animations, sounds, music, video clips, templates and other forms of content included with the software in projects and documents, except that you may not: i sell, license or distribute copies of any media elements by themselves or as a product if the primary value of the product is the media elements; ii grant your customers rights to further license or distribute the media elements; iii license or distribute for commercial purposes media elements that include the representation of identifiable individuals, governments, logos, trademarks, or emblems or use these types of images in ways that could imply an endorsement or association with your product, entity or activity; or iv create obscene or scandalous works using the media elements.

Other media elements, which are accessible on Office. Language Packs and Proofing Tools. If you acquire a language pack, language interface pack or proofing tool that offers additional language version support for the software, you may use the additional languages included in that pack or tool.

The language packs, language interface packs and proofing tools are a part of the software and may not be used separately. Trial and Conversion. Some or all of the software may be licensed on a trial basis. Your rights to use trial software are limited to the trial period. The trial software and length of the trial period are set forth during the activation process.

You may have the option to convert your trial rights to subscription or perpetual rights. Conversion options will be presented to you at the expiration of your trial period. After the expiration of any trial period without conversion, most features of the trial software will stop running.

Microsoft gives no express warranties, guarantees or conditions. You may have additional consumer rights under your local laws which this agreement cannot change. To the extent permitted under your local laws, Microsoft excludes the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Subscription Software. If you licensed the software on a subscription basis, your rights to use the software are limited to the subscription period.

You may have the option to extend your subscription or convert to a perpetual license. If you extend your subscription, you may continue using the software until the end of your extended subscription period. See the software activation screens or other accompanying materials for subscription details. After the expiration of your subscription, most features of the software will stop running.

If there is a geographic region indicated on your software packaging, then you may activate the software only in that region. You must also comply with all domestic and international export laws and regulations that apply to the software, which include restrictions on destinations, end users, and end use. For further information on geographic and export restrictions, visit go.

Microsoft provides limited support services for properly licensed software as described at support. See microsoft. This agreement together with terms accompanying any software supplements, updates, and services that are provided by Microsoft and that you use , and the terms contained in web links listed in this agreement, are the entire agreement for the software and any such supplements, updates, and services unless Microsoft provides other terms with such supplements, updates, or services.

You can review this agreement after your software is running by going to the software Help screen and clicking on the Microsoft Software License Terms link or going to microsoft.

You can also review the terms at any of the links in this agreement by typing the URLs into your browser address bar, and you agree to do so. You agree that for each service that is governed by this agreement and also specific terms linked in this agreement, you will read the terms for that service before using the service.

You understand that by using the service, you accept this agreement and the linked terms. There are also informational links in this agreement. The links containing terms that bind you and us are:. Microsoft warrants that properly licensed software will perform substantially as described in any Microsoft materials that accompany the software. The limited warranty starts when the first user of your copy of the software acquires that copy, and lasts for one year.

Any supplements, updates, or replacement software that you may receive from Microsoft during that year are also covered, but only for the remainder of that one-year period or for 30 days, whichever is longer. Transferring the software will not extend the term of the limited warranty. Microsoft gives no other express warranties, guarantees, or conditions. Microsoft excludes all implied warranties, including those of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.

If your local law requires a longer limited warranty term, despite this agreement, then that longer term will apply, but you can recover only the remedies that are described in this agreement. A section near the end of this agreement explains how you can make a claim under the limited warranty.

For Australia only: Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. What if Microsoft breaches its warranty? If Microsoft breaches its limited warranty, your only remedy is the repair or replacement of the software.

We also have the option to refund to you the price you paid for the software instead of repairing or replacing it. Prior to refund, you must uninstall the software and return it to Microsoft with proof of purchase.

What if Microsoft breaches any part of this agreement? This IT Professional forum is for general questions, feedback, or anything else related to Office Sign in to vote. Friday, March 10, PM. Have I understood your question correctly?

Don [doesn’t work for MSFT, and they’re probably glad about that ;]. Sunday, March 12, AM. Again, thank you very much!

Saturday, March 11, AM. Monday, March 13, AM. Sorry, I thought I had replied to this earlier. Yes, you understood correctly. Thank you for the information. Nov 12, 4, 0 Hi guys, I accidentally installed my company’s volume licensed version of Office on my personal machine. It keeps popping up a box saying that I need to activate by connecting to the corporate server or enter an activation key.

I’ve tried entering the retail key, and it looks like it accepts it, but then I get the same warning again the next time I open an office program. I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling using the correct dvd, but it seems to keep the volume license info.

Does anyone know how to change from volume license to retail or how to completely remove all traces of office so I can install the correct one? Update: I didn’t have a chance to try anything other than the office clean up tool which resulted in no change, but once the count down on the volume license expired, the warning messages went away and it looks like things are working normally.

Last edited: Mar 16, G73S Senior member. Mar 14, 0 0. G73S said:. Dahak Diamond Member. Mar 2, 3, 24 I have run into an issue where activation will not work if you installed SP2 before activating So what I had to do was go into an elevated command prompt and run Code:. Feb 13, 83, 16 As stated you can’t go VLK to standard licensing.

Savij said:. More than likely you may be running in a crippled mode. Are you able save and print new documents?

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