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Commando Behind Enemy Lines Free Download For Windows. It is the game based on a missions in which these soldiers have escape the enemy landCommando Behind. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the free file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin. Commando Behind Enemy Lines Free Download For Windows. It is the game based on a missions in which these soldiers have escape the enemy landCommando Behind.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Download | GameFabrique.Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (Windows) Game Download

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Commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free

Great warfare game In the missions you had to face various soldiers from the Nazi army, what’s more, the game also offered the possibility to. Commandos Behind Enemy Lines is an Action, Adventure, and Strategy game for PC published by Kalypso Media Digital in Free GOG PC game downloads by direct link. Commandos – Behind Enemy Lines MBsetup_commandos_-_behind_enemy_lines__()bin.


Commandos Behind Enemy Lines – Download for PC Free.


The control system and interface could have been a lot more user friendly and less fiddly, saving thousands of lives or the same ones over and over in the process. The fact that each of your men has specific skills sniper, driver, diver You would think that to belong to such a select group of experts you should be able to drive and use a machine gun and know how to swim. The difficulty level is by now almost legendary, and you’ll experience a fair share of frustration as you play each mission 87 times, saving every time you take a step and stay alive.

However, ссылка small success is made infinitely more satisfying because of it and, while you may question your sanity after a couple of hours play, you won’t question the desire to play it further. Now, if only you could issue commands in pause адрес Your introduction to the value of stealth over firepower.

Firstly get your driver to hit the deck, then head the Green Beret around the back of those broken walls, being careful to avoid the guard patrolling the road. Wait for the guard to reach the southern end of his sweep and head back towards the road. Now get the Green Beret to stand up and select the knife, and double-click on the guard to run after him and kill him. Hide the body in the trees to the north of the road.

Wait for the two commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free to the east to head south down the road, climb over the wall, kill the sentry and dump the body at the back of the building. Wait for the two guards to head north up the road then, when the driver is out of sight, make him stand and gun them down with his sub-machine gun. Move the Green Beret and the driver north to the small landing. Swap to the marine, send him into the water and use the scuba gear.

Follow the coast west and kill the guard furthest north. Work your way south, taking out the commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free until you can safely grab the dinghy. Either row or swim to the south where the driver and Green Beret are waiting, deploy the dinghy and row to the northernmost жмите. It’s a good idea to hide your men at the west corner of the commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free building, send one guy to kill the machine-gunner then run him back around the corner.

Now group all of your men, select the pistol and wait for the three-man patrol to investigate. Gun them down then carefully kill the remaining guards. Get the Green Beret to carry an explosive barrel to the transmitter, drop it, back him away and shoot the barrel to destroy the transmitter and complete the mission.

Be wary of the patrol boat on the river: time its sweeps up and down so that you don’t get caught in the open. Kill the patrols near the beginning and hide the corpses behind one of the walls.

Use your sniper to kill the guard on the wall, then get the marine to deploy his dinghy нажмите для продолжения row the sniper and the Green Beret across and to the north so that you are mainly hidden by the compound wall. Disembark the men, send the marine back and collect the others. Send the Green Beret up the wall and get him to drop the raised ladder down.

Get the sniper to climb up and take out the machine-gunners in the turrets. Kill the guard in the compound with the Green Beret and move his body out of sight of the guards outside the compound. Once the guard in the camp is dead, get all your men to commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free down into it. Look out for the patrols outside. Send the Green Beret to the gate, kill the guard and raise the barrier. If necessary, kill the commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free guard by the road and drag his body back inside the camp.

Now load everyone but the sapper into the truck, drive it to the gates, set the explosives next to the tanks, pile the sapper Into the truck and drive, drive, drive There you go, that’s mission number two done. This one isn’t so bad, and is a good chance tor the sapper to use his bear trap. Kill the first three guards with the trap – just run out, set it and wait for them to walk over it; you have to run out and reset it, unfortunately.

The spy’s uniform is located on the washing line in the southern camp, and the boat is located just outside commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free walls of the southern camp. The solitary sentries near the water aren’t a major problem for the marine. Once they are dead, swim south along the coast and collect the dinghy. The marine is very good at leaping out of the water and killing guards on the shore, so commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free больше на странице to do just that.

Try to kill all the sentries without raising the alarm. Again this will take more time, but it’s worth it. Now send the marine back up to collect the spy, and use him to перейти the uniform on the rope. Once dressed for the occasion, send the spy over the dam and into the large camp. Now comes the commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free bit.

Kill all the sentries with lethal injections, without raising the alarm or getting spotted. Believe me, it is hard. Study the patrol routes and every single guard’s line of sight.

Flick the switch on the small tower to deactivate the electric fence, and then get the marine to ferry the sapper across the water. Now the sapper can cut through the fence and collect the explosive charges.

Get him to place the first one next to the pillbox just below the dam, and then send him south along the waterside. After the detonation, wait for the five-man patrol to resume its route, then get both the spy and sapper into the boat.

Row to the foot of the dam, then send the sapper out and get him to place the last charge below the dam. Get him back in the boat and row back to the far side of the river. Send everyone north to the end of the адрес and just pile into the evacuation truck for a swift extraction. Carefully take out all of the guards to the west of the barbed wire barrier. Get the driver into the tank as soon as possible and then gun down the remaining guards west of the bridge.

Now drive the tank back up to the north and park in the small gap in the rocks nearest the patrol boat. From this point the tank can strafe the entire platoon south of the bridge with machine-gun fire.

Kill all the soldiers, then snipe the guard at the other side of the bridge. Carry his body back over the bridge if you stay at the sides you can cross while the train is moving and send the remaining guys over the bridge.

Узнать больше to eliminate the patrols with the decoy, and use all your men firing together to kill as many on the enemy as possible. Now head for the supplies in the north-east corner of the map. Return to the bridge, get the marine to climb down the ladder in the centre and deploy the dinghy. Now send the other men, including the driver, towards the compound. You really need to worry about stealth now.

Infiltrate the inner base by killing the sentries and creeping past the того photoshop cc 2019 free download softonic попали. Take out the guards that you can with the Green Beret, and snipe the rest before посмотреть больше alarm goes off. Send the sapper out and plant commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free explosives next to the headquarters. Detonate the explosives, commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free the sapper and the others to the patrol boat, then swim the marine to the boat and head out to the west to finish the level.

To clear the patrolling guards in the top area, use the spy to lure them behind the rocks in the top comer. You can do this by letting them see your footprints in the snow – be sure, however, that you are not seen. The next section requires you to position your spy just north of the uniform. Get as close as you can without being seen, then move your Green Beret down the west side towards the phone. Once there you can use the nearby house to hide while you wait for the patrols to pass.

Once they’ve gone, use the phone to create a diversion so that your spy can get the uniform. You then need to use the cable car, kill the guard on the upper platform and leave the spy there. Now get the Green Beret through the minefields and commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free the cliff face, avoiding the patrols – you will need to time this just right or you will be seen. Get your spy to distract the guard just above the barracks – this will enable your Green Beret to get up without being seen.

From then on you /15895.txt kill or distract the guards while the Beret sets the explosive barrels in place and detonates them. The only thing that stands between you and victory now is a short dash to the glider. The first section of this mission is fairly easy, as the Beret can climb the wall to the east of the ruin and kill all the guards without being seen.

To destroy the tank just to the south you will need to commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free a bomb at the commandos behind enemy lines download for pc free westernmost patrol point.

Some guards in the main camp will hear the explosion and come over to investigate; the alarm, however, should not go off. If you hide behind the rock and the tents just above the explosion point as cover, you can kill the guards with your pistols as they approach. This leaves the camp fairly unguarded – but still exercise caution. Try to save as many sniper bullets as possible, especially one for the guard standing on top of the barracks.

You don’t need to worry about killing the guards south of this building, because they won’t affect your mission. You should now be able to finish off any guards in the camp above and set the bomb on the train – use the Green Beret expert word count free the decoy here.

If you place the decoy by a wall, approaching guards will face it and you can stab them easily – in the face and neck. The dunderheads! You will need to kill the machine-gunner and the guards around the extraction point just above the train, and the guards in the eastern ruin – these are easily disposed of with the sniper. Your first priority is to get the uniform from inside the eastern camp and the bombs just north from there.

You can then blow up the two barracks in that area, cutting off any reinforcements. This will make it easier for the driver to get the tank and destroy the cannons protecting the U-boats. Next, get the marine and the Green Beret to the rowboat south of their start position. You can use their pistols in the top area, but as you get closer to the western barracks you’ill need a more stealthy approach.

You may find it helpful to destroy the barracks with the nearby barrels, and remember to kill the patrol by the lighthouse.

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