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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Bhorin Start date Jul 25, Tags civilization ii download. Bhorin Chieftain.

Joined Jul 25, Messages 1. I have the old game, but is in a disc and i can run it. I hope that someone have a folder with the game and adapter for windows You guys know something about that? Major Advantage Prince. Joined Mar 21, Messages Location Germany. I have avoided that problem by simply keeping the old XP-machine. Joined Feb 10, Messages The disc might be the old bit version of the game, which won’t run on bit operating systems.

Just google “download civ 2” and there should be plenty of links to working versions that have been patched. Joined Aug 13, Messages 1. Bhorin said:. Click to expand The higher this percentage is, the better. Finally, a title will be given to the player. Particularly good ones include “Lion-Hearted”, “the Great” with the greatest obtainable title being “The Magnificent”.

Please help us! We Don’t have any ads on our site, we give you free download games. Please tell your friends on forums and social networks about this gaming site. To bookmarks Full Game. Gameplay Civilization II is similar to the first Civilization, with some changes to the various units, civilizations, world wonders, tile “specials” and technologies.

Civilization 2 System Requirements. Hey Everyone! Thank you for choosing this site:. All games from the serie “Sid Meier’s Civilization”. Download Related PC Games. Enter the code from the image:. If you’re trying to outstrip the competition by moving forward as quickly as possible, then you must prevent other players from getting their hands on your knowledge via their ownership of the Library.

You might not need to learn others’ secrets, but you damn well don’t want them to have the power to steal yours! Napoleon’s quote that “Armies march on their stomachs” sounds smarter than “Armies march on roads”, but in this case it means the same thing. You need a good infrastructure to move supplies and armaments from the area of production to the battleground.

When you attack you must fall on the enemy like a thunderbolt and overwhelm him in a short space of time. Before taking a city be sure you can hold it. Once you have fortified yourself in his food-producing zones and started pillaging, all his supplies will cease and things will start turning nasty inside.

With no food coming in, the citizenry will begin to die off and all other production will cease. Sit tight, and as time passes, natural progress will bring more and more deadly force to your aid. Guerrillas and partisans can be a real pain in the butt, but there is a cure for this annoying complaint. When a city containing partisans is taken, these troops will appear like weeds around your newly-won prize and bog you down for ages.

Their Achilles heel is that they can only flourish in those empty land squares within a city’s zone of control. You can either fill up those squares with your own troops before taking the city, or at least control which squares they do appear in and prepare some horrible surprise to await them. Ruling the sea is just as important as ruling the land. Players are encouraged to build their capital cities with a sea view, as in theory this gives them access to all of the bounties that harbours and off-shore production can bring.

Of course, this action will also ensure that you are able to bring a battle fleet up to their front door. A heavy naval barrage tends to knock ten bells out of a city’s defences in double quick time. Ships move further than land forces in the early stages of the game, and should you decide to go for an early knockout on an opponent who snatched an important wonder and installed it in a beach house, then your turning up one morning with a couple of battleships could ruin his whole day.

The first rule of survival is “Never give a sucker an even break”. Let’s face it, it’s going to be interesting to see just how long the meek manage to keep the earth once they inherit it.

Experience shows that only the weak benefit from long-term alliances. By all means make peace with the big guy next door, but only for as long as you have to. Powerful friends will endlessly ask for a lick of your lollipop, and while you must occasionally give in to this, you should resist it whenever possible.

If you are forced to trade secrets, offer those which won’t help the opposition build a wonder that you’re already building. Use your friendship to glean inside knowledge of your rival’s position, and always be ready to strike at his weakest point. An overwhelming attack on his least defended outpost will almost certainly gain you important technology secrets, and you can always say sorry afterwards. The computer-controlled opposition is always ready to believe that you’ll mend your ways and will offer you another chance when you want to kiss and make up.

Again and again you can behave like a spoilt brat with a limp-wristed probation officer without suffering true retribution. Years later, when you are Master of the World, you may feel some remorse about the way you behaved, but at least you can console yourself by strolling down the bank to count your gold.

Establishing a tolerant democracy for yourself holds lots of benefits such as increased production and less corruption, but it does cramp your style. It can be galling to manoeuvre an army across the globe and position it outside the opposition’s front door, only to find that your own government prevents you from attacking.

The answer here is to declare a revolution and take up your old despotism ways – after all, it’s the winners who write the history books and they’ll forgive and forget when you eventually bring home the bacon. Experienced players do, however, place great emphasis on gaining the innocuous sounding Woman’s Suffrage development, as it’s a big help in a democracy.

Having this wonder enables the men to go off to war while the women continue to work in the factories without missing their home comforts. Fundamentalism seems a silly thing to get into, but if you use it in the later stages when you have already made lots of scientific advances it can make for a powerful strategy.

With this form of rule you can fight a very effective war against all the other governments and steal their technology. Fanatic armies aided by fast railways can overwhelm democracies because of the rate at which they can produce armaments. Once you have reduced the opposition to a manageable size, you can sell off your defensive structures and use the cash to dispense bread and circuses. This will cheer up the proletariat on your inevitable return to the democracy, and this is important because you’ll need it to get into the space race.

It is a truism that “Diplomacy is war carried on by other means”. It’s essential that you exchange diplomats with your opponents as this will enable you to examine the opposition’s cities, find out how powerfully they are defended, and locate the sites of any wonders. You may be a peace-loving democracy, but should you decide that it’s in your interest to take a big leap forward by acquiring a wonder without paying for it, then you’ll want to know where to strike.

You can also spot most of the big wonders by selecting the ‘Top 5 Cities’ option and seeing what’s built there. The second oldest profession is that of the Spy. Diplomats and Spies are two of the more powerful pieces on the board, and when used wisely they can save you stacks of time and money. When you consider how long it takes to acquire certain technology, it’s obvious that it can be much more profitable to simply send in one of these unscrupulous characters to steal the work of others.

Of course, there’s a good chance that you’ll suffer retribution, but if you’re secure behind walls and cold steel it’s usually worth the risk. Be aware that it’s as easy to lose knowledge as it is to gain it.

One particularly sickening way for the stinger to get stung is by seizing an enemy city which you do not have the strength to retain. Should the enemy counter-attack and regain the city, you’ll find that they will also grab a piece of your technology. A moment’s greed on your part could be a costly mistake. The speed by which you can move goods and troops around the map can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Continents tend to be awkward shapes bisected by frustrating blobs of water which slow everything down. However, there are two straight and uninterrupted strips of polar ice which straddle your world, and these are custom-made to take high-speed railway lines.

It’s a cunning strategy to construct a railway track around the polar strip with suitable junction points down into strategic continents. Place factory cities near the junctions and you will be able to construct and transport men and goods at high speed around the world. So how are you going to play it? Are you going to take your mother’s advice and study, work hard, and get your reward in heaven?

Or are you going to lie, cheat and steal so you can end up on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List? Heed the Troubleshooter’s motto: “Go for it. For when you die, the bastard with the most money wins! It’s slow-paced. It’s devoid of any action. It’s plain as far as graphics go. What is it? Only the finest turn-based strategy game ever to hit the PC in this writer’s humble opinion.

Civilization II has won countless awards from the PC press and is generally considered one of the best computer games period, strategy or otherwise. Now, PlayStation owners will be treated to a console version that thankfully, isn’t dummied down in the least bit. Civ II is an empire-building game of epic proportions. You start in the year B. Once this capital city is in place, you can choose what resources its inhabitants will work on, based on the surrounding environments mountains are good for mining, oceans are good for fishing, grasslands are good for growing food, etc.

While keeping your populace happy and fed, you’ll also have to worry about expanding your empire beyond that initial city, while keeping a strong military presence and making sure you’re keeping up with the rest of the world in terms of scientific know-how.

This scientific know-how will prevent your empire from falling by the wayside in the game’s ultimate goal: to either conquer all of civilized Earth or to be the first nation to colonize another planet. In the beginning, you will start with some basic knowledge to keep your primitive society alive, such as irrigation to help grow food or pottery to help build granaries to store food.

In the end, you will have to take your civilization through more than 6, years of scientific advances, ranging from discovery of the wheel to bronze and iron working to reading and writing to gunpowder to steam power to gasoline combustion to solar and nuclear power. These discoveries will allow you to build special structures, including certain “Wonders of the World” like the Great Wall of China or something less grand, like a simple temple for people to worship at or a sewer system to help keep your cities clean or a SAM missile battery to keep the skies friendly.

You will also learn to create military units ranging from the chain-mailed pikemen to musketeers to modern-day stealth bombers. Overall, you will be working with a knowledge tree of close to 90 branches of science, each allowing you access to a multitude of different structures and units. Like we said: epic. You can play Civilization II any number of ways. You can expand quietly, making peace with the other CPU-controlled civilizations, or you can overrun them with brute force.

Just make sure you don’t fall too far behind in the scientific race. Civilization II will not sell as well in the action-oriented console market as it did on the PC side, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a game worth checking out.

If you’re the patient, thinking type and you’re into strategy games, you owe it to yourself to check out this masterpiece. Even the kick-ass music is intact. It’s looking good so far. But where’s the little box that shows how close you are to completing a unit or building? What a silly little oversight by the developers. And what’s up with the instant advice?

It isn’t very helpful. Why is it telling me I should build a temple to make my people content, when they are already content? All the marvelous and epic gameplay from the PC title is obviously intact but if you own the PC version, you have zero reason to get this one I’ve discovered gunpowder and my musketeers are making their way toward my enemies to the south.

Unfortunately, the Al “thinking” times are getting really long. I have to go to work. But I haven’t slept or showered Ah, maybe I’ll take a sick day and go to sleep now. Sure, just after a few more turns This is the perfect evangelist product for this kind of game on consoles. It may not have much superficial glitz or eye-candy, but the gameplay is absorbing and addictive and probably has more longevity than any other game on the system.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into more cerebral strategy gaming, try this. You’ll lose days of your life. Don’t be intimidated by the sizable manual, the detailed charts and the words “strategy game. Civ II is grand: You start out in ancient, primitive times with nothing and advance through the ages until you’ve learned space flight.

Taking a nation through the paces of civilized history is something you just can’t do in your average video game. Patient gamers should check it out. I’m totally exhausted. I’ve played Civilization II every day for this past month and I still get amazed by the inner complexities of the societies created. I was a moderate fan of the first game, but the attention to the computer’s Al is so much better now.

Your actions have deep impact over the cultures you encounter. It should be said you’ll need to invest a lot of time into this game, but your patience will be rewarded. Civilization II took strategy gaming by storm earlier this year, and now MicroProse is back with an add-on disc jammed with intriguing new scenarios. The original Civ II challenged gamers to take on the role ot the ruler of an empire, managing its politics, sciences, and social structure with the ultimate goal of taking over the world.

Civ II Scenarios loads you up with 20 new plots, including the Iranian hostage crisis, the American Civil War, a futuristic holocaust and alien invasion, and the rampages of Alexander the Great and Napoleon.

Activision has converted the award-winning PC game to the PlayStation platform. Most of us have devoted hours sitting in front of the PC trying to build up our empire and enticing our subjects to give us a better throne room.

But those days were dealt a death blow years ago by real-time strategy games like Warcraft , Starcraft and Age of Empires. After the cities have grown to a reasonable size, it takes what seems like forever for the computer to complete its moves.



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If you haven’t played Sid Meier’s Civilization II or want to try this strategy video game, download it now for free! Published in by Infogrames Europe. Civilization II was actually released nearly 25 years ago! This is TBS classic and it is just as addictive PC. Download Now. Windows XP/Vista/7/8/ › Download › FULL GAME.


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