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William Goldman August 12, — November 16, was an American novelist, playwright, and screenwriter. He first came to prominence in the s as a novelist before turning to screenwriting.

He “came home to live and he was in his pajamas for the last five years of his life,” according to Goldman. His mother was deaf, which created additional stress in the home. Goldman received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oberlin College in The Korean War was on, so he was drafted into the Army shortly thereafter. He was discharged with the rank of corporal in September Throughout this period, he was writing short stories in the evenings, but struggled to have them published.

According to his memoir Adventures in the Screen Trade , Goldman began to write when he took a creative-writing course in college. His grades in the class were “horrible”. He submitted his short stories to the magazine anonymously; he recalls that the other editors read his submissions and remarked, “We can’t possibly publish this shit. His main interests were poetry, short stories, and novels.

In , he completed a master’s thesis at Columbia University on the comedy of manners in America. His older brother James Goldman was a playwright and screenwriter. They shared an apartment in New York with their friend John Kander. Kander, who also an alumnus of Oberlin, was working on his PhD in music, and the Goldman brothers wrote the libretto for his dissertation.

Kander was the composer of more than a dozen musicals, including Cabaret and Chicago , and all three of them eventually won Academy Awards. It sold well enough in paperback to launch Goldman on his career. It was followed by Soldier in the Rain , based on Goldman’s time in the military.

It sold well in paperback and was turned into a film , though Goldman had no involvement in the screenplay. Goldman and his brother received a grant to do some rewriting on the musical Tenderloin Both plays had short runs. Goldman began writing Boys and Girls Together , but found that he suffered writer’s block.

He wrote it in two weeks, and it was published under the pseudonym Harry Longbaugh—a variant spelling of the Sundance Kid ‘s real name, which Goldman had been researching since the late s. He then finished Boys and Girls Together , which became a best seller. Before he had even finished the script, Robertson recommended him to do some rewriting on the spy spoof Masquerade , in which Robertson was starring. Goldman did that, then finished the Algernon script.

Goldman suggested that Kastner make a film of the Lew Archer novels of Ross Macdonald and offered to do an adaptation. Kastner agreed, and Goldman chose The Moving Target. The result was Harper starring Paul Newman , which was a big hit.

Goldman returned to novels, writing The Thing of It Is He taught at Princeton and wished to write something, but he could not come up with an idea for a novel. Instead, he wrote Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid , his first original screenplay, which he had been researching for eight years. Neither were scripts of The Thing of It Is , which came close to being made several times in the early ’70s, and Papillon , on which he worked for six months and three drafts; the book was filmed, but little of Goldman’s work was used.

He also wrote the screenplay for The Hot Rock Goldman’s next novel was The Princess Bride ; he also wrote a screenplay, but it was more than a decade before the film was made.

That same year, he contracted a rare strain of pneumonia, which resulted in his being hospitalized and affected his health for months. This inspired him into a burst of creativity, including several novels and screenplays. Goldman’s novel writing moved in a more commercial direction following the death of his editor Hiram Haydn in late He did the screenplays for the film versions of Marathon Man and Magic He also wrote the screenplay for The Stepford Wives , which he says was an unpleasant experience because director Bryan Forbes rewrote most of it; Goldman tried to take his name off it, but they would not let him.

Redford hired Goldman to write the script of All the President’s Men Goldman wrote the famous line ” Follow the money ” for the screenplay of All the President’s Men ; while the line is often attributed to Deep Throat , it is not found in Bob Woodward ‘s notes nor in Woodward and Carl Bernstein ‘s book or articles. Goldman was unhappy with the movie. The Guardian says that he changes the subject when asked about the movie, but suggests that his displeasure may be because he was pressured to add a romantic interest to the film.

This was a project that seemed it might be both. You don’t get many and you can’t turn them down. In Michael Feeney Callan ‘s book Robert Redford: The Biography , Redford is reported as stating that Goldman did not actually write the screenplay for the movie, [26] a story that was excerpted in Vanity Fair. Goldman had a happier experience when hired by Joseph E. He wrote a novel about Hollywood, Tinsel , which sold well.

He did a script about Tom Horn ; Mr. Horn , was filmed for TV. Goldman was the original screenwriter for the film version of Tom Wolfe ‘s novel The Right Stuff ; director Philip Kaufman wrote his own screenplay without using Goldman’s material, because Kaufman wanted to include Chuck Yeager as a character; Goldman did not. He wrote a number of other screenplays around this time, including The Ski Bum ; a musical adaptation of Grand Hotel that was going to be directed by Norman Jewison ; and Rescue , the story of the rescue of Electronic Data Systems employees during the Iranian Revolution.

None were made into films. After several of his screenplays were not filmed, Goldman found himself in less demand as a screenwriter. He published a memoir about his professional life in Hollywood, Adventures in the Screen Trade , which summed up the entertainment industry in the opening sentence of the book, “Nobody knows anything. The latter, a sequel to Marathon Man , was Goldman’s last published novel. He went to work on Memoirs of an Invisible Man , although he left the project relatively early.

Hollywood’s interest in Goldman was reawakened; he wrote the scripts for film versions of Heat and The Princess Bride The latter was directed by Rob Reiner for Castle Rock , which hired Goldman to write the screenplay for Rob Reiner’s adaptation of Stephen King ‘s novel Misery , considered “one of [King’s] least adaptable novels”. Goldman continued to write nonfiction regularly. Most of these movies were by Castle Rock.

He was credited on several other movies: Year of the Comet , which was eventually filmed by Castle Rock, but was not a success; the biopic Chaplin , directed by Richard Attenborough ; Maverick , a popular hit; The Chamber , from a novel by John Grisham ; The Ghost and the Darkness , an original script based on a true story; Absolute Power for Clint Eastwood ; and The General’s Daughter , from the novel by Nelson DeMille.

His later screenplay credits include Hearts in Atlantis and Dreamcatcher , both from novels by Stephen King. He adapted Misery into a stage play, which made its debut on Broadway in in a production starring Bruce Willis and Laurie Metcalf. In their feature on Goldman, IGN said, “It’s a testament to just how truly great William Goldman is at his best that I actually had to think hard about what to select as his ‘Must-See’ cinematic work”. Art Kleiner, writing in , said, “William Goldman, a very skilled storyteller, wrote several of the most well-known films of the past 18 years—including Marathon Man , part of All the President’s Men , and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Three of Goldman’s scripts have been voted into the Writers Guild of America hall-of-fame’s Greatest Screenplays list. In his book evaluating Goldman’s work, William Goldman: The Reluctant Storyteller , Sean Egan said Goldman’s achievements were made “without ever lunging for the lowest common denominator. Although his body of work has been consumed by millions, he has never let his populism overwhelm a glittering intelligence and penchant for upending expectation.

Someone pointed out to me that the most sympathetic characters in my books always died miserably. I didn’t consciously know I was doing that. I didn’t. I mean, I didn’t wake up each morning and think, today I think I’ll make a really terrific guy so I can kill him. It just worked out that way. I haven’t written a novel in over a decade It’s possible. All this doesn’t mean a helluva lot, except probably there is a reason I was the guy who gave Babe over to Szell in the “Is it safe?

I think I have a way with pain. When I come to that kind of sequence I have a certain confidence that I can make it play. Because I come from such a dark corner. Goldman also said of his work: “I [don’t] like my writing. I wrote a movie called Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and I wrote a novel called The Princess Bride and those are the only two things I’ve ever written, not that I’m proud of, but that I can look at without humiliation.

He was married to Ilene Jones from until their divorce in ; the couple had two daughters, Jenny and Susanna. Goldman died in Manhattan on November 16, , due to complications from colon cancer and pneumonia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American novelist, screenwriter and playwright. For other people named William Goldman, see William Goldman disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Non-fiction author novelist playwright screenwriter. Ilene Jones. See also: Category:Works by William Goldman. June 1, See also: Category:Films based on works by William Goldman. The Jew in American Cinema. Indiana University Press.


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